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The characteristics of natural leather is superior to other materials, is that it flexible, breathable, abrasion, folding , beautiful and so is essential to help high-grade leather material . Its characteristics are:

1 natural leather parts of the strengths and weaknesses vary widely. As part of the skin in animals of different functions , generation, development is different, made ??of leather fiber structure after its departments , different densities , tear out sheet strength are different. In particular, perception , hand extended , flex resistance and processing properties are different.

2 parts of the fiber ( wire lines ) structure has directionality. Different parts of each leather , fiber to a different department . When the leather is stretched effect, the different parts of the different elongation . Some force different rates, the elongation is different, and the gap is very large.

3 having air permeability . This feature allows the wearer's sweat , discharged to outside of shoes cavity , so that the wearer feel comfortable.

4 good heat and cold resistance .

5 abrasion resistance,ugg uk stamping performance, and there is ease of processing performance.

6 soft leather , tough, and elastic and flex resistance . Adapted to the physiological needs.

7 beautiful, and has easy modification , modeling performance.

8 hoop boots too tight , resulting in ankle injuries , leg and calf swelling , pain at the dorsum of the foot . Make a little tight boots tube leg line look better , but the pursuit of too tight, too thin effect , foot and leg blood circulation will be affected, peripheral venous blood return will be blocked , causing leg pain , swelling , caused around the Achilles tendon , tenosynovitis and other illnesses. Recommended to buy boots when you try to walk 10-15 minutes. Boots to be able to put a finger into the space was appropriate, with a soft texture , full leather breathable fabric as well.

9 high heels , causing back pain . Wearing high heel boots , the body will not help forward, the body weight is concentrated forefoot , toes and knees , causing toe bones, legs, waist and other parts of the muscle ligaments overloading , walking and standing for a long time susceptible to fatigue aching limbs after a long time prone to chronic metatarsal pain, leg pain, back pain and other symptoms. If the heel is too small, too narrow toe also easily lead to ankle sprains, hallux valgus deformities and other phenomena . When the proposed purchase boots boots with not more than 6 cm to 4 cm or less.uggs uk Boots with not too small , too small . Xue Jian part should be slightly loose , giving more space for the toes and the soles of the feet .

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