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Diagram 9; 10t covered goods wagon

Scale: 4mm: 1ft - suitable for 00, EM, P4 & S4 (18.83) gauges
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This is a white metal kit which will require assembly using low melt solder or glue.
This product is suitable for all 4mm [1:76] scales, including OO, EM and  P4  gauges.
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Photo of early production prototype
Photograph of an early prototype of the model.

Pricing and availability

In 1911, the North Staffordshire Railway recognising a pressing need for additional covered goods wagon capacity. An order was placed with the Metropolitan R.C. & Wagon in November 1911 for 50 vans to be delivered within 16 weeks. At the time this wagon was seen as a 'state of the art', typical of the NSR's design department at its zeneth. The wagons were fitted with either side brake gear, oil axle boxes and other innovative features. Full details of this wagon, like all most NSR rolling stock is obscure because of a fire at Derby which destroyed many of the records. We know that many wagons survived into the LMS and most probably the early days of British Railways although it is doubtful that any survived into the late 1950's.

Over their service life these wagons were subject to the normal wear and tear of all rolling stock. Photographic evidence indicates that at least one of these vehicles was repaired using LMS axle boxes, RCH pattern brake shoes & hangers and disc wheels. As far as we can tell this was repair and maintenance rather than a planned upgrade or refurbishment. Other items changed included minor alterations to the door catches, hinges, roof and outside framing to improve water run off.


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Made from white metal our model has separate sides, ends, and solebars including springs; etched brass w-irons complete with white metal oil axle boxes and buffers with steel heads. Parts to make either side brake gear are included. A plastic floor and preformed plastic roof is supplied. The instruction sheet included gives detailed lettering and painting information. To download the most recent assembly Instructions., current Version 2.00 released September 2001, 2 Sides A4 (57Kb Acrobat 3.01 file).

Note this may onvolve a long download of up between 0.5 & 8mb depending on your choices. To read the instructions you will need Adobe Acrobat reader (v3.01 or better). Click 'Get Acrobat Reader' to get a copy of Acrobat Reader: Note this may involve a long download of between 0.5 Mb & 8 Mb depending on the selected version.

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Items required to complete the model:-

Paint, wheels and transfers are available from our sister company Wizard Models.

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supplies a wide range of North Staffordshire Railway rolling stock components see here for detrails.
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North Staffordshire Railway Study Group
North Staffordshire Wagons, G F Chadwick, P61

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