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We have drawn up this page to detail the paint and transfers required to complete your wagon. We have included details for all the liveries likely to have been used on Sou West wagons during their life time. (Details of life span for a particular model is to be found on the product pages.) If you would like any additional information please email and we will assist as far as we can.

Glasgow and South Western Railway to 1923
Wagon body colour light grey (similar to Midland Railway wagon light grey), roofs probably white when new quickly degenerating to a grey colour, with black iron work and white lettering.

London Midland and Scottish 1923 to 1948
Up to 1937 grey, black iron work beneath the solebar with white lettering.
From 1937 body colour was bauxite, black iron work beneath the solebar with white lettering. The size of the lettering was reduced as an economy measure during the Second World War.

British Railways from 1948
Many unfitted wagons bare timber or painted grey, lettering white on a black patch. No body iron work was painted black. Fitted stock bauxite with solebars often black, roofs dark grey; white lettering.


Suggested paint and transfers for Glasgow and South Western railway wagons:



Phoenix Precision Paints


HMRS transfers, Methfix or Pressfix



Modelmaster Transfers



Glasgow and South Western Railway
Sheet 20
London Midland and Scottish to 1937
Sheet 11
Sheet 4701, 4706
London Midland and Scottish from 1937
Sheet 11
Sheet 4701
British Railways unfitted stock
Sheet 25, 26
British Railways fitted stock
Sheet 25, 26

*Midland Railway wagon colour
Paint and transfers may be obtained from The online shop for the 4mm modeller along with many other products of interest to the 4mm modeller working in OO, EM or P4 for details click here .

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