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Diagram 1/163, 1/166: 25.5 ton iron stone wagon

Scale: 4mm: 1ft - suitable for 00, EM, P4 & S4 (18.83) gauges
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This product is suitable for all 4mm [1:76] scales, including OO, EM and  P4  gauges.
This is a white metal kit which will require assembly using low melt solder or glue.
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This was the standard design of iron stone wagon some 17' 6" in length and 10' 3 1/2" high of all welded construction. The vehicle had a wheel base of 10' and was fitted with split axle boxes and 13" self contained buffers. All the wagons were unfitted.

Some 1500 wagons were built to D 1/163 to two lots lot 2733 and 3001. Some 350 were also built to Diagram 1/166 with minor changes such as axle boxes. They most probably unfitted as built and some may have been piped although this has not been confirmed.

During their long life many wagons were altered with buffers and and or axleboxes replaced with oleo or roller axleboxes. Some 82 wagons were modified to have vacuum brakes in 1971 for clinker traffic and were allocated to diagram 1/168.

Iron stone wagons were initially used for iron ore transport but as' tippler' wagons were introduced wagons were displaced for other traffic. This included sand, clinker, sulphate and limestone for example. Some wagons were altered to include tarpaulin supports for clinker traffic.

Iron stone wagons were to be seen throughout the country in small numbers or in complete trains.

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Our model is based on a drawing by Trevor Mann and BR weight diagrams. The model features a sprung etched brass chassis, with one piece resin body. The floor plate and brake gear are etched with white metal solebars and buffer beam. White metal self contained buffers and axle boxes are supplied to complete. The instruction sheet included gives detailed lettering and painting information. To download the most recent assembly instructions, current Version 3.03 released August 2008, 4 Sides A4 (719kb pdf file).

Note this may onvolve a long download of up between 0.5 & 8mb depending on your choices. To read the instructions you will need Adobe Acrobat reader (v3.01 or better). Click 'Get Acrobat Reader' to get a copy of Acrobat Reader: Note this may involve a long download of between 0.5 Mb & 8 Mb depending on the selected version.

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Items required to complete the model:-

  • Wheels: 12mm diameter three hole disc wheels.
  • Paint - we recommend Precision Paint or in some cases Humbrol Acrylic: see British Railways liveries for product numbers.
  • Couplings, three link, instantor
  • Transfers - we recommend HMRS or Modelmaster see British Railways wagon liveries for product numbers.

Paint, wheels and transfers are available from our sister company Wizard Models.

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A list of railway book sellers may be found here.
British Railway Wagons, the first half million, Don Rowland, Leopard, 1985, P57.

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Information on suitable tools may be found here: etched brass, white metal and resin components.

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