Three box coal wagon by Adrian Prescott
North Staffordshire open goods wagon
Ince Wagon three box coal wagon
North Staffordshire D14 open wagon


Welcome to , the manufacturing arm of Wizard Models, the home of the 4mm wagon and carriage kit. Please note that this site is no longer being maintained. As time permits, full details of all products are being transferred to the Wizard Models site, which has much better searching facilities, and from where you can buy too. If you can't find it here any more, then it's moved over there!

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This product is suitable for all 4mm [1:76] scales, including OO, EM and  P4  gauges.
Identifies this is suitable for S Gauge (3/16" : 1 footThis is a white metal kit which will require assembly using low melt solder or glue. This is an etched brass kit, which may contain whitemetal parts, which require solder or adhesives to complete
This is a resin model which will include etched brass and/or white metal parts. It will need epoxy or superglue for assembly
produces models for the discerning modeller in 4mm:1ft (1:76) scale; suitable for OO, EM, P4 and S4 gauges. If your interest is British outline our range will have something for you.
produces a range of wagons and carriages with a Northern flavour for the 1880-1950's.
has introduced a range of air braked stock for the post 1980 scene.
provides a wide selection of components for the 4mm modeller.
models are intended for those over the age of 14 years.
supports the aspirations of Scalefour Society and the EM Gauge Society.

LNWR D147 lavatory  noncorridor brake

POA Blackadder scrap wagonDon Rowland's fine example of an early livery drop side  wagon
D338 in LMS livery

New release GCR powder van in GCR bright redC2 in NER livery

D109 in Caledonian livery

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